Oracle and the leading business school WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management created an outstanding study. More than 6.000 professionals contribute worldwide. 2,4m data points deliver a unique insight in “How are businesses able to maintain competitive advantages in the digital age by a combination of Technology, skills, personality traits and organization?”.

The model does not only describe which 7 areas needs to be in place to unfold the maximal impact of technology, it also quantifies the effects.

The described factors range from the importance of data driven decision making to modern forms of collaboration. Outlooks on the future of Recruiting or assessments of the skills and personality traits for the future are in there as well.

A unique study with a rarely matched data foundation.

What are the seven enabling factors that impact business efficiency for 64% and impact overall organizational performance by 27%?

The Adaptable Business Study explains the “How, Why and Where” organizations need to focus to unfold the power of technology. In this study we evidence how technology can have an overall impact on ‘organizational performance’ (productivity) of 27%, which is a huge effect. One significant factor to achieve this is to impact ‘business efficiency’ / ’organizational efficiency’.

The study dived even deeper and identified seven enabling dimensions or factors (catalysts for technology) which are statistically robust, and which create a causal model to explain a stunning finding: technology in itself does not do the job, but it is the prerequisite to add the seven factors which together will have a massive 64% impact on ‘business efficiency’, and an overall substantial impact on ‘organizational performance’ of 27%. This is a unique finding and an important angle on what you need to do today, to secure your tomorrow. Learn which seven factors will have a massive impact on business efficiency by downloading this report for free now.

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