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Diversity & Inclusion – UVA

Diversity & Inclusion – UVA

Begin: 6 maart 2023
| 14:00 - 17:00
Eind: 12 mei 2023
Locatie: Online + 2 seminars
Prijs: 3.250

How to develop an inclusive organisation that benefits from diversity. Learn about bias, inclusion, strategy, best practices, and create your own actionable D&I strategy.

This certified master program for HR professionals, D&I managers, CEO’s or other professionals who start with D&I is a complete and intense program to provide you with all the information you need about every aspect of diversity and inclusion. Unique to this programme is the possibility to bring stakeholders from your organisation to make the necessary change together.

All aspects of both diversity and inclusion will be addressed in this program with renowned scientists and experts from Europe and the USA who share their research, insights, and best practices. At the end of this programme, you will have all skills and tools you need to create your own personal, actionable D&I strategy. 

We will address the following topics and questions

Theory: The origin, forms and effects of social exclusion and inclusive culture: what it is, what it will bring.

Organisation: Organising for diversity and inclusion: recruiting, development, retaining diverse people, creating a movement (with male allies, employees).

Making the change: leadership, inclusive communication.

The Buy In: How to get the ‘buy in’ in your organisation for your diversity & inclusion strategy and plan

Best practices from IBM, Lloyd Banking, Deutsche Telekom, and more

Get to work: Your personal challenges and personal diversity & inclusion plan or strategy

Unique to this course is the possibility to invite stakeholders from your own organisation for 5 of the lectures for free. It helps you to exchange your experience and knowledge and to help you better connect with your stakeholders: Essential for the success of your D&I strategy and implementation.

The Program

The programme Diversity & Inclusion counts 8 sessions. Divided in four chapters. The first chapter will discuss the theory around D&I, it’s origins, effects and appearances. Followed by sessions around the creation of a diverse culture. The third chapter will cover all the things you like to know on how to organise D&I within your organisation. And we will end this programme with your plans and business case presentations/ best practises by people working in top D&I positions.

We address the following subjects:

  • Biases explained and framed by psychological theory
  • The effects of social exclusion
  • Building an inclusive organizational culture
  • Inclusive communication
  • How to attract a diverse workforce?
  • Mitigating bias in selection and promotion decisions
  • Team diversity: How to limit the pains and stimulate the gains of working together
  • How to approach the development of diverse employees?
  • Beyond inclusion: How shared impact can help to increase and to retain a diverse workforce and minority leadership
  • How to retain a diverse workforce when they are a small minority?
  • Building a platform with diverse stakeholders within your organization and making sure ‘it’s not an HR thing’
  • Constructing an actionable D&I strategy
  • Special appearance by Harvard Business Review and book authors Brad Johnson and David Smith about involving men in gender diversity
  • Best practices by Warner Bros, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Lloyd Banking, and more

Guest lectures, gamification, learning materials, and the possibility to bring your stakeholders to some of the lectures, are included in the program. Individual coaching is also offered to make sure your D&I strategy is a perfect fit for your organization with the emphasis on the subjects you would like to concentrate on (f.i. gender, culture/ethnic, or age diversity).

Practical information


06-03-2023       14:00-17:30
07-03-2023       14:00-17:30
08-03-2023       14:00-17:30
14-03-2023       15:00-17:30
21-03-2023       15:00-17:30
28-03-2023       15:00-17:30
04-04-2023       15:00-17:30
11-04-2023       15:00-17:30
18-04-2023       15:00-17:30
11-05-2023       10:00-18:00
12-05-2023       10.00-18.00

The meetings take place online with the exception of  two offline seminars: 11-05-2023 and 12-05-2023


EUR 3.250, – (learning materials are included, coaching, travel & hotel for the 2-day seminar is not included)
In case you wish to have extra coaching with the creation or finetuning of your D&I plan we offer an extra 10 hour coaching (4.250 EUR). VAT does not apply.

Participants receive a certificate from the University of Amsterdam.

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