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Masterclass Diversity & Inclusion

Masterclass Diversity & Inclusion

25 september 2023
1 december 2023
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Organisator: UVA
Prijs: 3.250,00

Masterclass Diversity & Inclusion

The need to create an inclusive company is bigger than ever. Allowing everyone to be unique and stimulate feelings of belongingness – also known as inclusion – has been labeled the panacea in the field of diversity management. Diversit is one of the sustainable growth factors and leads to more innovation, better communication, and better decision-making.

Bringing diversity to your organisation is not enough though. Inclusion is what you should aim for to profit from diversity. But where do you start or build upon? How to attract a diverse group of employees? How do you make them stay when they are a minority? And how do you build an inclusive company culture? Those are the questions that will be addressed in this programme.

This certified programme for HR professionals, D&I managers, CEO’s or other professionals who have taken on D&I responsibilities, is a complete and intense
programme to give you all the information you need about every aspect of diversity and inclusion.

At the end of this programme, you will have your own personal, actionable D&I strategy. Unique to this programme is that you are allowed to bring stakeholders to
up to five sessions in order to create support within your organisation.

We will address the following topics and questions

Theory: The origin, forms and effects of social exclusion and inclusive culture.
– Culture: How to change the culture and improve inclusivity?
– Organisation: Organising for diversity and inclusion: recruiting, development, retaining diverse people, creating a movement.
– Making the change: leadership, inclusive communication.
– The Buy In: How to get the ‘buy in’ in your organisation for your diversity & inclusion strategy and plan.
– Best practices from IBM, Lloyd Banking, Deutsche Telekom, and more.
– Get to work: Your personal challenges and personal diversity & inclusion plan or strategy.

The programme

The programme Diversity & Inclusion counts 8 sessions, divided into four chapters.

The first chapter addresses what Diversity and Inclusion is, where it comes from, and what it does with people. The inclusive culture is the topic of the second chapter, the third chapter discusses the processes need to organise for diversity & inclusion. The last chapter covers the topic of change (leadership, communication).

Unique to this course is the possibility to invite stakeholders from your own organisation for 5 of the lectures for free. It helps you to exchange your experience and knowledge and to help you better connect with your stakeholders: Essential for the success of your D&I strategy and implementation.

25 September 14:00-17:30
26 September 14:00-17:30
27 September 14:00-17:30
3 October 15:00-17:30
10 October 15:00-17:30
31 October 15:00-17:30
7 November 15:00-17:30

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