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Organisational Psychologist (20596)

As part of Principal Directorate People, the Directorate HR Customer Engagement is responsible for helping employees to perform and contribute positively through genuine engagement with the overall mission of the EPO. In co-ordination with teams in PD People and elsewhere, it channels and acts as the interface for people advisory services at three levels:  

  • Organisation: to provide actionable insights to support people policies based on behavioural science and people analytics, in the Office’s context and in a wider organisational perspective  
  • Management: to advise and support managers in implementing the people strategy
  • People: to support individual staff members throughout their employee life cycle in an environment that fosters engagement and well-being 

The directorate includes the departments HR Business Partners, HR Interlocutors and Well-being and Engagement, and uses business-focused HR teams to co-ordinate activities across HR services in line with the needs of the organisation. Our Well-being and Engagement team is responsible for enhancing staff engagement and well-being by providing people advisory services and designing practical interventions based on behavioural science and people analytics. As an organisational psychologist, you will support both PD People and other units in delivering people-related strategic goals through the implementation of various organisational and staff surveys, and by providing insightful analysis and actionable advice to management, core business, HR business partners (HRBPs) and strategic projects in partnership with different departments and stakeholder groups.  

With us you will:  

At organisational level 

  • contribute to the design and implementation of organisation-wide initiatives related to enhancing engagement, well-being and change management 
  • provide insightful analysis of relevant well-being and health data, and actionable advice to management, HRBPs, strategic projects and other stakeholder groups 
  • contribute to the implementation of organisation-wide listening methods, including surveys 
  • advise and contribute to the continuous development of the new ways of working (hybrid working and dispersed teams) 
  • analyse available data focusing on psychosocial well-being and related risks, and provide input to psychosocial risk assessment 
  • identify and highlight organisational measures which could improve awareness of psychological issues and enhance staff performance and well-being
  • contribute to developing and implementing systematic preventative measures and policies at organisational, managerial and individual levels in co-operation with OHS, HR and other relevant services centred around staff health needs (e.g. stress management, mindfulness, sleep, D&I, digital intensity, etc.) 
  • evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions and initiatives 
  • share best practice with other relevant organisations through proactive exchange and co?operation with academic researchers 

At management level 

  • advise managers, HR specialists and case managers as well as health, safety and ergonomics committees on preventative and performance-enhancing measures 
  • advise managers and HRBPs on the psychological impact of hybrid working on teams and individuals 
  • identify management training needs and organise targeted courses and workshops to develop knowledge and expertise and promote the importance of psychological well-being and mental health  
  • assist managers in understanding psychosocial factors that influence staff well-being
  • assist managers in recognising potential psychological problems within their team and provide support in developing and implementing practical strategies to address them in ad hoc case meetings, multidisciplinary meetings, peer-to?peer sessions and dedicated workshops 

At employee level

  • provide psychological support to managerial and non-managerial staff in emergency cases and direct staff members to the Employee Assistance Programme, where appropriate
  • assist staff returning from sick leave by providing expert psychological advice throughout the reintegration process where requested to do so by the departments Occupational Health Services or HR Business Partners 

Apply if you have:  

  • a proven track record as an organisational psychologist preferably in an international organisation or multicultural environment 
  • experience as expert partner supporting senior HR managers and HRBPs in their strategic role
  • the ability to easily switch roles from strategic partner to individual advisor
  • experience in the design and delivery of science-based programmes enhancing staff well?being and engagement and in drafting related communications 
  • experience with organisational surveys and drafting management reports, and command of social research methods and tools for delivering analytics
  • the ability to integrate and balance individual needs with organisational requirements while delivering individual support and organisation-wide interventions 
  • experience in the design and delivery of development measures to various stakeholder groups (employees, managers, HR) in areas such as resilience, mental health and team well-being
  • curiosity and the drive to keep abreast of developments in the field of organisational psychology  
  • qualifications and/or experience in counselling, coaching, facilitation and co-vision  
  • excellent communication and influencing skills 
  • the ability to come up with innovative and insightful solutions
  • a diploma of completed studies at master’s level or – in exceptional cases – equivalent professional experience 
  • excellent knowledge (at least C1) of one official language (English, French or German) and the ability to understand the other two; alternatively, excellent knowledge (at least C1) of one official language (in such cases, the willingness to learn the missing languages and to reach level B2 within a set time frame would be required)
  • citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation 


The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of qualifications and relevant experience, supplemented as appropriate by interviews, tests and/or a personality questionnaire.  


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