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Work is fundamentally changing. Today, employees want more than traditional training and courses. They want career development support, ongoing skill development opportunities“ otherwise known as experiences.
Learning is happening all the time from a variety of sources, and the most successful learning organizations are adjusting their strategy and approaches, balancing content, experiences and application. In a popular new TED Talk, The best career path isn’t always a straight line, career consultants Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper introduce the metaphor of the career squiggly line. Charting a path for the learning strategy of the future, they make a case for losing the outdated metaphor of a career ladder in favor of a more flexible, agile, squiggly career driven by an individual’s own passions, interests and goals.
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Het coronavirus heeft grote impact op organisaties en hun medewerkers. De komende periode vind je tips, wetenswaardigheden, inspiratie en meer in deze collectie. Uiteraard melden we het ook zo spoedig mogelijk als er nieuws is.


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